Daniel Bell is an electronic music veteran and one of techno’s true pioneers. Growing up in Toronto, he then moved to Detroit where he started collaborating with Richie Hawtin under the alias Cybersonik. Their cutting-edge techno quickly gained recognition in the underground scene, largely thanks to the industrial energy of the now-classic Technarchy 12”. Bell went on to start his own imprint, Accelerate Records, and began recording as DBX. He was behind another of the decade’s minimal classics Losing Control in 1994. Its captivating futurism led to multiple represses and helped pave the way for an esteemed 20-year career that still sees him playing live and DJing the world round.

Throughout the 90s, Bell ran three record labels (Accelerate, Elevate and 7th City), releasing the music of Theo Parrish and Rick Wade amongst others. Though the release schedules have slowed, both Elevate and 7th City are still in operation. He relocated to Detroit’s European counterpart Berlin in 2000 and quickly found a musical home on Tresor, where he released his first mix CD The Button-Down Mind of Daniel Bell. He returned in 2008 under the DBX alias for a series of shows which became more experimental and explored a wider variety of moods and soundscapes. Soon after, Bell was awarded Resident Advisor’s infamous “Best Live Act of the Year”.

DBX (which can occasionally feature a live drummer) isn’t your average live show. Daniel faces the audience while his array of gear stands on his side and behind him. True to the old school, you won’t see him using a laptop. He is, instead, a master of the very machines that define this genre and brings from them a timeless and authentic mix of bleepy, uplifting and Detroit-loyal techno.

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