01.12.18 / Hoppetosse, Berlin
PERM 01  

Artist: Frizz (Baby Vulture, Hamid, Magda, Tim Novikov)

Title: With Flesh And Bones Cat Number: P-01  

FRIZZ - A1 Break It Up 
FRIZZ - A2. Vortex 
FRIZZ - B1. With Flesh & Bones
FRIZZ - B2. collapsed    

Frizz (a collaboration of Baby Vulture, Hamid, Tim Novikov, and Magda) draws a diverse arc through rhythmic and tonal exploration indicative of the label’s Berlin-based events. From tinkering electronics to raw synthesis and repetitive refrains to stream-of-consciousness mic work, these tracks stand at the intersection of playful introspection and extroversion - acting as invitations to both analyze and dance. PERM’s opening release, 'With Flesh And Bones' is suspended across genres with no line between the dance floor and the wall.