The high standards set by Val Stip's inaugural Nocturama mix are maintained on Dreems' more eccentric selection. WARNING: do not operate heavy machinery whilst listening to this. Bar the occasional bursts of club-ready bass or hyperactive rhythms, this two-hour trip is remarkably calming. Its second half in particular drifts with focus but no hurry, inviting listeners to lose themselves in each track and its relation to the next. Though there is vast array of disparate sounds, they never sound jarred or out-of-place. Dreems has a knack for cherry-picking the best of all genres, linking material from the likes of Dean Blunt, AFX, The Notwist, Com Truise and DJ Sotofett. The fact that Dreems returned to his sorely-missed record collection in Sydney shortly before recording this definitely plays a role; obscure gems are aplenty, records even Dreems had forgotten he owned. Expect washes of ambience, idiosyncratic African beats, dreamy synth tracks and some funk thrown in for good measure.

According to Dreems the best setting for this mix would be "a nice tagine party that develops into a Tuesday night cemetery crawl," but we reckon just about anywhere calm would do. Tracklist here.



Hi Dreems. How are you? Where are we speaking to you from today?

I’m laying low in the inner suburbs of Sydney feeding my budgies. We are all doing fine today.

How is life as an Australian in Montreal?

Pretty basic. I’m known as that guy with the really funny french accent, no-one quite knows which part i’m from. 

What do you miss most from home? And have your BBQ skills made you many friends?

The Beach. Everyone will tell you this - and its the truth. My BBQ skills have made me some enemies, but only due to the fact that they couldn’t take the heat. It was so hot they thought summer had been summoned early. 

You're a cosmic sherpa and a liberator of tantric avatars, or so your bio states. That's quite a responsibility for any mere mortal. How do you deal with the pressure?

There is pleasure in the pressure. Being mortal has its ups and downs but most of all it helps me make the most of my time - like today i will spend 3 whole hours dedicating my time to building a sand castle in the shape of the Sydney Opera House. Tomorrow it will be washed away. 

Where are the best places you have travelled to perform?

One of the weirdest & most awesome djing experiences i had was on the top of a mountain from a dj booth made of snow on the roof of an igloo which was actually a bar in the Austrian alps. That was surreal.
 … and the worst? 
Maitland, Australia. That one is hard to explain i think there is 2 people out there that will know why. But for those people - you feel my feels. 

The craziest experiences this music lifestyle has thrust upon you?

The groundhog day experience of waking up and realising you have 10.5 seconds to pack your bag, another 23 seconds to get a taxi and then about 15 mins to make an aeroplane that is already boarded and firing up the jets. Then having the brawn and stupidity to repeat this exercise day after day, year after year until you have wasted enough money on missed flights to realise you could have put that towards getting your pilots license and bought a small Cessna to tour yourself in. Now thats crazy. 

What kind of films are you into? Seen anything great recently?

Not a very big movie buff. I like documentaries. Would you believe that i had never seen ‘The Running Man’ til 2 nights ago ? Well now i have and i’m just a little step closer to completion. I would recommend watching Genghis Blues - amazing documentary about Tuvan Throat singing. 

We love your Nocturama mix. What do you think is the perfect setting to listen to it in?

Its definitely not designed for injecting life into a HI-NRG fitness session, more like an accompaniment to a nice tagine party that develops into a tuesday night cemetery crawl. 

What was your approach to selecting the tracks and mixing it?

I always knew where the mix was going to start, but i never knew where it was going to end. I don’t have enough forethought to plan a mix. It just sort of happens piece by piece as the puzzle presents a new opening. Since being reunited with my record collection back in Sydney i had to include some things that i had been missing. Its always such a pleasure coming back and rediscovering records and finding that they resonate with you even stronger now. 

Do you have a favourite song on this mix, and why?

DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Main Bar Mix.
Taken from the Drippin' For A Tripp release on Honest Jons. Why? Because people either love it or hate it. Its like a Santana on ketamine with a Pina colada thong on. Some music has to be like that. It has to ride the wild line and divide the floor into those that can and those that will not. 

If you would change one thing about your last album, what would it be?

I would sing on every track. 

What, in your opinion, is the most perfect album ever made?

KLF Chill out feels like a hole-in-one to me. 

Is it possible to make a perfect album?

It’s impossible to fail if you don’t try. So in theory then yes it is possible. 

What was the last thing, not music-related, that amazed you?

My nephew told me a pretty good joke yesterday. He comes up with them all by himself, i think one day he could be a famous comedian. 

What did the person eat? 

A dentist. 

And, lastly, what's it like in space?

Spacious. It's just me, George Clooney & Matthew McConaughey.
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